Aankondiging: Dusan Dodic 7 dec 12am

Dušan Rodić in the RC de Ruimte Amsterdam, Frans de Wollanstraat 84. 
starting 7th december at 12am, all night long till 8th of december 12am.

Taking part in the PUSH project, 
24 hours installation Shelter #2.  

Project Shelter #1, was a four meters high and six meters wide mud dome built in front of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where he dragged the artists from this school, to come out and immerse themselves into this rural environment, experience primal human interaction around the fire place and eat vegetables from urban organic garden, proposing self-sustainability in an art context.

In a similar manner, with his new installation work, Dušan Rodić, artist from Belgrade, Serbia, continues questioning high art concept, and transforms the gallery space into a safe place where artists can meet, eat, sleep and discuss. 

His motto "food and shelter for the Artists", opens discussion on recent development in the political and cultural field here in the Netherlands.
Along with cutting 200 millions from the subsidized art, Dutch government through its newly voted anti-squat law, aims to close most of the important alternative spaces and in that way to destroy the non subsidized art scene also.

All of you who consider yourself artists and also everyone interested in this field, please consider yourself invited to the gallery RC de Ruimte Amsterdam, Frans de Wollanstraat 84.  starting from 7th december at 12am till 8th of december 12am. 
RC de Ruimte Amsterdam is going to be for this 24 hours what an art gallery should be: a "Safe place for an Artist", and it will provide, food and shelter for you, please bring your sleeping bag, and whatever you need to spend the night with us.

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